Spring has Sprung, celebrating with new window displays

Spring has Sprung, celebrating with new window displays

If you are anything like me, you are itching for the weather to change; for the blue skies to emerge from behind the oppressive grey that seems ever-present in our lives this time of year.  I was fortunate enough to get away for a week in February, bask in some sun and gaze into the many colors of Sarasota FL.  Per usual, I was filled with inspiration and the desire to bring some of that warmth and color to the store windows in hopes to brighten the days of everyone in town.  

This year my particular influence was our visit to the Marie Selby Botanical Botanical Gardens.  Though we travel to Sarasota nearly every year, this was my first time witnessing the overwhelming beauty that is their conservatory.  It is the most lush experience.  Every square inch is cascading with orchids and bromeliads of every kind, unlike anything I have ever seen. We were also fortunate enough to visit during the Marc Chagall exhibit with paintings that have never before been on public display.  It was a very moving day, and I wanted to bring a piece of that memory home with me to share. 

Marie Selby Botanical gardens with marc chagall stained glass

 Waterfall of orchids at Marie Selby Botanical Gardenslarge leaf at Marie Selby Botanical Gardensamazing flower at Marie Selby Botanical Gardensorchids at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Now - how do I filter that experience into a window setting?  I knew I wanted to replicate the cascading and climbing effect that was so stirring inside the conservatory.  So the first thing I did was pour through the supplies I already had at the shop.  I am very big on creating something from almost nothing, as well as recycling props in inventive ways to conserve precious work time and material resources.  I found a bag of flowers that I had created from coffee filters and paperclips back in 2013.  I think I have now used these flowers in possibly 4 window displays.  :)  Every time they have an incredibly different feel.  I decided they have worked so well in the past, lets give them an update!

The only new piece for this window was the creation of the "botanical" leaves.  I really wanted to keep a very painterly feel for the entire display, so I decided to watercolor more coffee filters to accomplish a cohesive look.  *side note - if you every build window displays - coffee filters are so great!  they are durable, easy to color, easy to construct sculpted shapes with, don't seem to yellow in the sun (the flowers have easily spent a cumulative 6 - 8 months in the bright sunshine over the course of four years) and the best part, they cost basically nothing! 

adorn jewelry canandaigua spring display window detailadorn jewelry canandaigua spring 2017 display window left

I built the "vines" to create the "botanical wall" with those coffee filter flowers and leaves on a few lines of white Christmas lights.  Overall pretty simple, yet I think quite effective.  I love the feeling it evokes.  

adorn jewelry canandaigua display window right spring 2017adorn jewelry canandaigua display window night

Here is the contrast of the day vs. night.  The glow of the tiny lights through the leaves is magical in person.  I'm sorry my glare-ridden photos don't do it justice.  You will simply have to come and visit me so you can see it for yourself ;)

adorn jewelry canandaigua, spring 2017 display windows 

XOXO ~Erica

April 06, 2017 by Erica Bapst
Vivid Bridal Romance; A Styled Photo Shoot

Vivid Bridal Romance; A Styled Photo Shoot

Recently I was invited to bring a selection of my bridal jewelry to a styled photo shoot for Buffalo/Rochester Indie Weddings.  It was very snowy day filled with an incredible group of ladies with great spirit and enthusiasm for their businesses. Please familiarize yourself with each of them, I have included all of their info at the bottom of the page.  I could have never accomplished anything like this without these wonderful, talented women!  Each business offers something that is sure to brighten your day!  

Today I want to share the fruit of this beautiful collaboration. Each piece of my featured jewelry is available online (while supplies last in the case of the rhinestone jewelry) I have included the links to the items below each photo.  

The experience created by the Buffalo/Rochester Indie Weddings community along with these photos is sure inspire you for your big day.  I hope you can join us on March 26 for a unique bridal show experience.  For more info on the bridal show please visit their site. http://buffaloindieweddings.com  Enjoy! #partyonbrides  :)

Rochester Indie Weddings Bridal Show at Westminster Rochester Indie Weddings Member, Erica Bapst Designs, Adorn Jewelry and Accessories, Canandaigua NY

Modern Romance bridal earrings and Wrapped up in Lobe Bracelet by Erica Bapst Designs, Model: Olivia Staley. Photo: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography, Venu: Inn on Broadway, Hair: Special Occasion Hair Design, Dress: Lovely Bride Rochester, Makeup: Sunnless 2 Go
Modern Romance Bridal Earrings On Model Olivia Staley
Golden Gem art deco inspired bracelet on model  Emma Pratt, photo by Natalie Sinisgalli Photography, flowers by Buds & Blooms 716, headpiece by B in a Bonnet
Golden Gem Bracelet by Erica Bapst Designs. Photo: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography, Dress: Lovely Bride Rochester, Flowers: Buds & Blooms 716
Golden Gem Bracelet by Erica Bapst Designs, Styling: Rochester Indie Weddings, Venue: Inn on Broadway, Photography: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography,  Wardrobe: Lovely Bride Rochester NY, Hair/Makeup: Special Occasion Hair Design, Makeup/Nails: Sunless 2 Go, Floral: Buds & Blooms 716, Rentals: Revival Vintage Rentals, Invitations: Louelle Design Studio,  Model: Olivia Staley
 Golden Gem bracelt in black by Erica Bapst Designs, Model: Olivia Staley, Photo: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography, Dress: Lovely Bride Rochester, Handmade Wedding Invitations: Louelle Design Studio, Hair: Special Occasion Hair Designs, Makeup: Sunless 2 Go, Venue: Inn on Broadway, Flowers: Buds & Blooms 716, Furniture and Prop Rentals: Revival Vintage
Golden Gem Necklace by Erica Bapst Designs, Model: Olivia Staley, Photo: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography, Hair: Special Occasion Hair Design,
Golden Gem Earrings bu Erica Bapst Designs, Model: Olivia Staley, Photo: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography, Hand Made Wedding Invitation: Louelle Design Studio, Venue: Inn on Broadway, Hair: Special Occasion Hair Desing, Makeup: Sunless 2 Go, Dress: Lovely Bride Rochester
Classic Cubic Zirconia Bracelet from Adorn Jewelry and Accessories, Photo: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography, Flowers: Buds & Blooms 716
Classic CZ bridal bracelet from Adorn Jewelry and Accessories, Model: Emma Pratt, Photo: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography, Venue: Inn on Broadway, Furniture Rental: Revival Vintage Rentals, Flowers: Buds & Blooms 716, Dress: Lovely Bride Rochester, Belt: B in a Bonnet, Hair Special Occasion Hair Design, Makeup: Sunless 2 Go, Styling: Buffalo / Rochester Indie Weddings 
Classic Cubic Zirconia bridal bracelet from Adorn Jewelry and Accessories, Model: Emma Pratt, Photo: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography, Furniture Rental: Revival Vintage Rentals, Hair: Special Occasion Hair Design, Makeup: Sunless 2 Go
Magnificence rhinestone bridal earrings from Adorn Jewelry and Accessories, Model: Olivia Staley, Photo:  Natalie Sinisgalli Photography, Dress: Lovely Bride Rochester, Furniture Rental: Revival Vintage Rentals, Venue: Inn on Broadway, Hair: Special Occasion Hair Design, Makeup: Sunless 2 Go, Styling: Rochester Indie Weddings
Styling: Rochester Indie Weddings, Venue: Inn on Broadway, Photography: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography, Videography: Julia Hart Video Photo, Wardrobe: Lovely Bride Rochester NY, Hair/Makeup: Special Occasion Hair Design, Makeup/Nails: Sunless 2 Go, Floral: Buds & Blooms 716, Rentals: Revival Vintage Rentals, Invitations: Louelle Design Studio, Accessories: B In A Bonnet, Jewelry: Adorn Jewelry and Accessories, Models: Olivia Staley & Emma Pratt

See the Buffalo / Rochester Indie Weddings "Vivid Bridal Romance" Styled Shoot in it's entirety here -> http://buffaloindieweddings.com/rochester-indie-weddings-styled-shoot-vivid-bridal-romance/

Check out all who contributed to this styled shoot.

Models: Olivia Staley & Emma Pratt

Web Sites:

Styling: Rochester Indie Weddings

Photography: Natalie Sinisgalli Photography

Jewelry: Adorn Jewelry and Accessories

Videography: Julia Hart Video Photo

Wardrobe: Lovely Bride Rochester NY

Hair/Makeup: Special Occasion Hair Design

Makeup/Nails: Sunless 2 Go

Floral: Buds & Blooms 716

Rentals: Revival Vintage Rentals

Invitations: Louelle Design Studio

Accessories: B In A Bonnet

Venue: Inn on Broadway



March 18, 2017 by Erica Bapst
Inspiration Mash-Up.  Putting together the new window.

Inspiration Mash-Up. Putting together the new window.

I can't believe four months have passed since my last blog post.  (so much for that resolution of keeping up to date on the postings ;) lol. 

Since the last time we spoke I guess a lot has kept me busy.   I enjoyed some time off with my family, worked dilligently on updation my bridal selections and I officially launched my new Ginkgo Collection, (I hope to post more about that soon.)   For today though, I want to talk to you about my new window - which I am loosely titling "Mary Poppins visits Roseland for the Relay for Life's Carnival for a Cure"  I know, I know.....it's a bit of an odd concept. (And the event is actually being help at the Civic Center on April 29 - I liked the fantasy of bringing roseland back for the event ;)  

When I first told my husband, I think he thought I was nuts....but in the end, I think visually it all works.  Here is the journey as to how I arrived at such a strange mash-up of ideas :)

(I apologize in advance on the length of this post - I really wanted to include all of the inspiration and process of making that went into this display)

About a month ago I was approached by a Relay for Life committee member about this years event.  They were hoping for downtown businesses to decorate their windows in purple and incorporate the theme "Carnival for a Cure" to help spread the word and celebrate their cause.  

Sounded like fun! - but then I got stuck.  

Creative block........ ugh - the worst.  

My hope was to have the window all put together before I went away with my family to Florida.  That soooo did not happen.  I had no clue what to do. We went away and the windows had to stay the same until we returned.

There is something wonderful that happens when you step away from everything, just relax and take your mind off the things you toil over.  Somehow, inspiration strikes and all the pieces seem to magically float together.  We were fortunate enough to experience a great many things on our trip, but three things specifically served as the springboard to my imagination that finally solved the puzzle of what to do about this window.  

Herrmann's Royal Lipizzan Stallions

The first to start the influence was visiting the Herrmann's Royal Lipizzan Stallions home outside of Sarasota FL.  The story of these beautiful horses is an amazing one.  You should check them out if you don't already know.  My daughter was extremely taken with them during the "Airs above the Ground" practice.  The image of the distinguished animals danced in my head for days.


Later in the week we visited the Ringling College or Art and Design  - at my daughters request.  Yes she is only 9, but she has been dead set for years that she wants to attend this school to become a Disney animator (specifically Pixar) Every time we visit Sarasota, she has to go and visit "her future school".  This time a kind student personally took her through the animation classroom halls and she had the chance to check out a traditional animators desk.  Here I started to think that I needed to create a window that needed some whimsy and perhaps a nod to my daughters love of animation. Her sense of aspirations was very inspiring to me. But I still had not quite had the full "ah-ha!" moment.  

And then....we surprised little one with a day at Disney on her birthday.  As we passed through "Main St USA"  and waited to meet Mary Poppins, the full spark hit me!  That ultimate charm and fictional turn of the century nostalgia we were suddenly immersed in could so easily be fused with our little city.  It was then that I realized we needed Mary Poppins to visit Canandaigua to participate in the Relay for Life Carnival for a Cure. In my mind the event was naturally being held in our collective nostalgic memory that is the long-lost Roseland Amusement Park.  

I went straight t work when I returned to work on Thursday. First things first, I needed to gather my inspirational references. We already live and work in a real life "Main St USA" so that part was already taken care of ;)  After visiting Herrmann's Royal Lipizanns I knew the centerpiece needed to be the white stallion carousel horse I remembered from Roseland's carousel (1909  PTC #18 - Thank you to Carousels.org for having such an extensive history on this work of art as well as detailed images of this beauty.)

Carousel horse that used to be at Roseland

Next, I needed Mary Poppins references - specifically from the chalk drawing fantasy scene.  This would bring in the animated whimsy I wanted to capture while also fitting in the fantasy time-capsule of 1909 as well as the carnival and carousel aspect.  


Let the fun begin!  I always start a window with a general concept sketch to try to figure out the scale and general placement of the big elements I wish to incorporate. 

Window concept sketch

As with most creative endeavors, the final product strays a bit from the initial sketch, but every idea needs to start somewhere!  From here I began construction of the carousel horse.

carousel horse sketch starting to paint the carousel horse

working out the details of the carousel horse carousel horse after being cut out

I used a large sheet of white faced corrugated cardboard (thanks to my Father-In-Law for the cardboard) to create the painted horse.  From sketch to full cut out this took roughly a full day to complete.

Next up, create the paper Mary Poppins inspired dress.  Of course the one main difference is for this event...she needed purple accessories instead of the original red :)

The dress is constructed entirely of coated paper dropcloth, some white tulle I have used in many of my windows over the years, staples, ribbon and a touch of hot glue.   Also I finally had the perfect opportunity to use this great antique hat my Mother-In-Law gave me several years ago! (yes in the first photo, the dress is surrounded by complete chaos...creative processes are truly messy sometimes - I am currently dealing with that aftermath so I can get back to work.)

mid way through paper dress construction antique hat finished mary poppins inspires dress in purple

The next item to construct was the paper petal wisteria that would become the backdrop for the carousel horse.  To me wisteria feels so magical, so it seemed like a good flower to add to the purple scheme.  I always love the amazing wisteria that is outside the YMCA that I pass walking to and from work.  Now I must admit however, this part of the project I developed a love/hate relationship with.  I think it took me close to two full days to construct these flowers.  The good part is they will keep and I can use them in another window some day......but for now, I do not wish to cut or string another petal for some time.....I think it took about 700-800 handmade petals to complete the look.  I really wanted more, but simply could not spare any more time on this part of the project.  

paper wisteria petalsfinished handmade paper wisteria plant

After this is was time for my little cartoon bluebirds to be painted on the windows to pay homage to my daughters love of animation. It's funny, with all the work that went into this window, these easy little cuties I think are the part that makes me smile the most. Sometimes it's the little things :)

outlining the painted bluebirds

Finished cartoon Bluebirds

You can see in the background here, I drew from the Mary Poppins fantasy carousel for the inspiration of the outlined architecture. The last of the details was making the purple pennants, stuffing some flower baskets, blowing up the balloons and putting it all together. After a six day process, I'm ready to get back to what I'm really supposed to be doing - making jewelry!

Thanks for reading through this lengthy journey :)  I hope to see you soon. 



finished carousel horse window finished Mary Poppins Window

Full effect of the finished window.  Mary Poppins Visits Roseland for the Carnival for a Cure.




April 07, 2016 by Erica Bapst

New Year, New Hours, New Goals, New Designs on the Horizon.

Hi Everyone :)

OK First things first.  The change in the hours.  Starting Jan 2, my new store hours will be Tuesday - Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am - 4pm, Sunday, Monday Closed.

I am implementing these changes because I am looking for a better work/life balance.  In this minor schedule shift I will gain the precious gift of time with my family.  My daughter is growing up too quickly as I'm sure any parent out there understands. Last year she was finally old enough to not only realize that I was not around as much as I should be, but she was also strong enough to voice how troubled her to see my work schedule always came before her needs. 

*mothers heartbreak* 

I could go on and on about that topic.  Maybe another day.  Anyway, after much deliberation and weighing how it might effect you the customer, I feel the hours I have chosen will have the least inconvenience to you, but will have a tremendous positive impact my home life.    

Now on to the more exciting things.  I have just about finished re-configuring my studio and am completely revitalized and ready to start making some great new designs. 

Some of the designs that I started making right before the holidays were very well received and I plan on exploring and expanding on those concepts.  The one line in particular I am going to expand is the ginkgo theme.  The natural beauty of the leaves and inspirational message I have attached to them were the most loved of my designs over the past few months. 

Keep an eye out.  I'm hoping to make some more posts about the design and creation process.  Speaking of which, be sure to follow me on Instagram to get day by day insight into my inspiration and a peak into studio life. 

Of course with the new year, I always get very excited about setting new goals and coming up with new ideas.  With that will also come a re-vamp of the website, featuring the new designs that will soon be in production.  Hopefully the winter wont be as severe as last year, but if it is you will have some great new options so shop from your warm and cozy home! 

Every year I get very excited for the fresh outlook for the New Year and all the positive things that could be.   Time to make dreams a reality.  Here's to a better more positive year, filled with peace, joy and most importantly for me….balance ;)  (Not that I follow these things, but can't you tell I'm a Libra…lol I'm so textbook. )   I will leave you with a list of my resolutions.

Wishing you the very best New Year!

Much Love



    1. Be the best Mom, Artist, and business owner I can be (*In that order*) (There is no business without the art!)
    2. Sketch something every day.
    3. Keep the studio organized.
    4. Stretch.
    5. Don't let stress hijack another day, not to mention a year. (Good Riddance 2015)
    6. Work with the beads I already own. (stop buying and hoarding pretty beads)
    7. Read.
    8. Sing.
    9. Smile.
    10. Take time for peace and inspiration.  It will benefit everyone and is not "slacking".
    11. Be more efficient.
    12. Don’t take work home.
    13. Visit with friends, stop neglecting them before they disappear.
    14. Handwrite a letter to a loved one for no particular reason, once a month.
    15. Stay positive.


    December 31, 2015 by Erica Bapst


    Hello Again ♥

    At the beginning of the year I set some big goals for myself (as I do every year).  I as I suspect is true with a lot of people, I rarely keep them.  This year, I. AM. DETERMINED.

    Ok, Ok, yes I broke one of my resolutions right out of the gate.  I admit it.  My plan was to work with the materials I have already hoarded and not buy any more until absolutely necessary.  I have a problem.  I recognize that, but when it comes to beads, I just can't help myself! (So if you are a beader, stop in - There is a lot of new bead stock!)

    However, on all other accounts I have been sticking quite well to my goals.  I realized at the end of last year that I was letting my focus drift away from the creative side of my life. Sometimes being a business owner you get caught in the updraft of many other callings.  As wonderful as they may be, they have distracted from the true draw of my business - my creative endeavors.  I decided to get through the Christmas season and then hunker down in the studio and open my mind again.  I needed to gain back that side of me before it withered away completely.  I needed to start taking the time in the evening to sketch again.  I decided in order to achieve happiness again within design I needed to start experimenting with different techniques.  Even if that meant throwing efficiency out the window with trial and error. It seems imperative to get back in the state of mind to create something new and exciting again.  In order to do all of this, I needed to invest in myself again, to narrow the focus a bit.  (I just noticed I used the word NEEDED four times in a row.  It is a strong feeling, the need to fulfill the creative desire.  To me it is almost like breathing, or some other element of survival).  I spent the majority of January getting those ducks in a row.  Boy, am I having a blast and I think it is starting to show in the new work I am beginning to produce.   Most importantly, even if no one else feels the same way about these pieces I am creating, I feel like I am breathing again.

    So far I have been delving into the world of mixed media. Recently I have been highly influenced by different artists I have come across and follow on Instagram who weave beautiful earthy wall hangings.  It truly sparked a feeling and memory.  When I was studying at Syracuse I was fortunate enough to take many different fibers classes alongside my metalsmithing work.  Much of my portfolio actually consisted of experimenting with the marriage of metals and fibers.  I thought that might be a good place to jump back in with both feet.  Oh how I have missed it.  I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of something that I will enjoy exploring through the next few months.  

    Here's to a continued new year filled with wonderful possibilities and creative endeavors.  Stop back often to check out the new creations or follow my daily journey on Instagram.     Below are some work in progress photos from my new adventure!  

    See you soon!

    xo ~E

    Initial Sketches 

    Next I needed to saw out the shapes from jewelers brass. This piece actually yielded three pendants.  Yippee!


    It has been 14 years since I have worked on the loom.  So I had to pull deep from the memory banks.  Not only that, but I don't own a loom....sooo....where there is a will there is a way right? I decided to play MacGyver and make a mini one out of parts I had lying around. 

    Not bad for a first attempt.  Wishing I had some more interesting fibers though.  Looks like I have a trip to Expressions in Needleart in my near future. :)

    Finished Product.  I added some hand painted golden acrylic to tie the whole thing together.

    Here is a detail.


    While we are at it.  Here is the finished piece that was also in the sketch above :)

    Both pieces are available online while they last!

    February 06, 2015 by Erica Bapst

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope that everyone had a chance to enjoy the holidays.  I would like to first like to thank everyone who visited the shop this season.  Your enduring support is a dream come true, and I am so very thankful to be living this dream of mine.  To continue celebrating my 10th anniversary of the store I was given a wonderful gift of the great mini documentary by a long time friend and her husband.  So a huge thank you goes to Kelly and Chris Short and his company Airdale Productions.  This is an amazing gift and I'm happy to be able to share it with everyone :) 
    So here's to a New Year!  I'm ready to start it with some new exciting designs that I have been working through in my mind but have not had time to create over the holidays.  I'm chomping at the bit to get back in the studio! I just finished cleaning it up.  During the holidays it becomes more or less a place to store extra inventory and packaging.  I'm very happy to have it back in working order again.  Speaking of which, I need to wrap this blog entry up so that I can get started!  
    So check back often both in person at the store as well as online.  I'm hoping to have some of them online in the next week or so.
    See you soon!
    XO, ~E 
    January 02, 2015 by Erica Bapst

    The Making of the 2014 Holiday Window.

    This year the pressure was on for the Holiday window.  Everyone loved the window so much last year, I had to make sure this one was as least as good ;)  EEEK!  Right? So I toiled over what to do.  I have been trying to plan this since the beginning of September and...well....nothing.  I was totally blank.  No ideas....period.  Nothing worse than hitting a wall.  Writers block so-to-say.  Time was running out.  I needed to have these windows in place before the Downtown Holiday Open House / Christkindle weekend.  Then, like magic one week before the deadline, it hit me.  As my personal facebook friends read, "That moment when the inspiration you have been waiting for lights up your brain like a clear night sky far away from the smothering incandescent haze of civilization." It finally came to me.  :)  My inspiration was a little complicated, but made perfect sense to me.  It was Art Nouveau  - meets a Victorian Parlor with a Moorish influence  - meets  - the natural beauty of our local great outdoors. Sounds a little funny I know, but in my brain I could see it as clear as coulde be.  Finally!  lol.  

    So I immediately set out on my adventure.  My fist step was to pull out all of my supplies that I already had to work with from previous displays.  Some could say I'm a hoarder, some could say I'm resourseful...I prefer the latter.  It turned out that I had almost everything I needed already.  How wonderful.  Next step was to go out collecting.  I lucked out with a holiday weekend and the most beautiful weather to gather all of the items on my nature list.  Grapevine, Cattails, thistles, osage oranges, horse chestnuts, pine cones of different shapes and sizes,  and acorns.  It took the majority of the day, but with my family in-tow, we managed to find everything we needed and almost all of it within the city limits.  Yes I was the crazy lady jumpling out of my car to load it up with what most would consider garden garbage, but hey, you gotta do, whatcha gotta do! (And I had the cutest helper ever. ) 


    Next step was to go purchase the few things I did not already have for the project.  Some twine in red, green and natural, and some silver, gold, white, and black spray paint.  (All of which are now in my stock pile of supplies for future projects)  The weather was beautiful so spray painting my newly found pine cones and thistles along with my freshly created grapevine wreaths was no problem at all.  The paint dried quickly which this time of year is a huge gift.  I went home and promptly set to work on the hand made creations that were going to be accompanying the natural and found items.  I made a series of feathers as well as some black and white "tile" out of paper and some lush tassels.  They were super fun to make.  I love working with paper, it can become almost anything you can dream up.



    So Wednesday morning, I got right to it and started the window painting.  I discovered how much fun this process was about two window displays ago, now I can't seem to complete a display without the glass being painted.  This time the paint was where the Art Nouveau reference was going to be most obvious .  It is acting as a framing device for the whole window scene just as it would in a poster from the same influence.  It also is where you will find the first hint of that Moorish inspiration.


    From there it was all just a matter of arranging, hot gluing and tying.  That part went together in about two days.  I felt like a bit of a contortionist this time around since this design had to all be done in place.  I was squished up against the glass for most that time...not the most flattering I'm sure for passers by...lol...but once again...you gotta do whatcha gotta do!!! All in all,  I'm pretty happy with how everything works together.  You will have to stop by to see all of the details in person.  They are hard to capture in the photos.  







    November 16, 2014 by Erica Bapst

    Right Around the Corner!

    Hello, hello!

    I can't believe that it is almost time for the big party! So many little finishing touches I have to tend to with what now feels like such little time.  I am getting very excited. I found my dress this weekend and suddenly it all got real.    I love an excuse to dress up and feel fancy.  In my life, those moments are few and far between, so I'm going to go all out.  I am hoping all of you have as much fun with dressing up as I do - and hey, also remember no worries, you can come in jeans if you want.  Anything goes. :)

    So in my preparation I want to give you all a little glimpse of a couple of the treats that will be at the party.  First and foremost because those of you who know me KNOW I love baked goods.  It is a real problem actually...teehee.  I will be featuring amongst all the hor d'ourves lots of wonderful sweet creations from Rachel Herendeen.  For those of you who may not know, Rachel is the twin sister to my incredible assistant Hannah.  (Hannah is the greatest - just in case you were not previously aware....♥)  Anyway...  here is a little info about Rachel and her business: Truly Scrumptious provides you with the highest quality of baking. She specializes in wedding cakes but also provide cakes for all occasions. In addition, she provides cupcakes, pies, and pastries: featuring homemade puff pastry. "Nowhere does it say that delicious food cannot be beautiful and that has always been the motto I bake by"-Rachel Herendeen: Owner and Baker of Truly Scrumptious-

    Next I would like to tell you about the live music I will be hosting during the party.  I saw them at an event early in the year and thought they were a perfect backdrop for a party.  Of course I had to find out if they were available for my date and yippee! to my delight they were.  Here is a little info about them: Classically trained guitarist and composer Sean Doohan has combined musical forces with classically and jazz trained drummer, composer, sound engineer, and producer Matt Battle. Matt has trained in Los Angeles and Rochester. The duos mellow jazz vibe is full of improvisation. With constantly evolving interpretations this groups original music never fails to intrigue listeners.   

    Also in addition to the red carpet entrance/photo op (to which my wonderful father will be handling) I will have Michele Kisly photographing the event.  I'm sure many of you have seen her work. She is an amazing professional photographer who does an excellent job at capturing those unpredictable candid moments that really memorialize the tone of an event.  I'm very excited to have her join us, and very much looking forward to sharing both her photos as well as the red carpet photos with everyone.  

    Until next time (and hope to see you at the party!  Oct 25th from 5-8)


    October 16, 2014 by Erica Bapst

    Party with a purpose!

    Hello again!  

    Looks like I'm making a habit of this blog thing.  (Finally getting it together....lol).  

    In case you have not heard yet, I am aporoaching my 10 year anniversary!  To those of you who may be new fan of Adorn, I started out on Coy St (right around the corner)  so no I have not been in my current location for 10 years . I have been confusing all the newcomers with this announcement :) Anyway....to celebrate the best 10 years a girl could ask for I am throwing a big party and everyone is invited! 

    It will be held at the store on Saturday Oct 25 from 5-8.  There will be yummy goodies, raffle items, live music and a red carpet entrance - if you want to wear something dazzling - lets have fun with it! Now comes the good part.  During the party hours I will be donating 100% of the total sales (a few small restrictions apply) I will be splitting the donation between the FLCC Foundation and the Wood Library.  

    So why these two organizations you may ask.  I believe they both are a huge asset to our community. They both offer so many ways to learn, grow and build the confidence of anyone who takes advantage of everything each place has to offer.  When we build this confidence we in turn build a better community.  One where people are not afraid to take that next step to success.  

    This is where my personal story fits in with my envolvment with the FLCC Foundation.  I attended FLCC in 96-98.  It changed everything for me.  It was there that I realized my full potential.  It was this almost magical place where I was able to pursue every creative outlet I desired.  The small size allowed me to spend the whole day bopping from painting to designing on the computer to practicing the piano and back to work on some photography etc.  The professors were masters of their skills and always available for mentoring.  I was given the chance to focus on all the things I loved and gained a priceless amount of experience.  I moved onto Syracuse University with great confidence, and have never forgotten the superior education I recieved at FLCC.  It has been my mission to champion the place that forever changed my life.  So please check out http://www.flcc.edu/foundation/ and see all the ways your contribution will help the experience of the students there.  

    Next up the Wood Library.  It is truly a staple in our community, offering amazing programs to everyone of all ages.  We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful resource in our midst.  You really should take a look at the website to see all this organization offers to the people in our area.  It is astonishing and too much for me to write out here. You should check it out for yourself http://woodlibrary.org


    So come out, have some fun and support our community! 

    October 07, 2014 by Erica Bapst

    It has been a while....

    Hi All!

    It has been a while.  I promise to try and be a better pen pal :) I always have lots of things I wish to share with you, but always seem to run out of time when it comes to sitting down to the computer.   Darn life always seems to get in the way....lol.

    So today while waiting for my daughter to finish a class, I figured out how to access the blog via my phone.  This opens a whole new chunk of time for me to write!

    Two big things have been going on.  First, I recently redesigned my studio work space.  This is super exciting because my creativity has been rejuvenated and I have been cranking out some brand new ideas.  It is amazing what can happen when I know EXACTLY where all of my tools and supplies are.  I'm hoping I will be able to ride this momentum for quite a while. Here is a peek of the new studio while it was in progress, along with one of the fun pieces that followed its completion.

    Because I'm away from the shop and on my phone, I will sneak a couple of photos from my Instagram page. ( www.instagram.com/ericabapst ) feel free to follow me, it is a whole different point of view.  It is a little less all business and a little more of a peek into my world.  Check out what inspires me! )



    Anyway, the next big thing I have been working on is the big 10 year anniversary party, but since that is another whole topic and my daughter is now ready to go, I will expand more in that subject next week!


    Until then.  I will see you in the shop or maybe on Instagram

    later my dears,


    September 30, 2014 by Erica Bapst