Looking forward to see where the muses take me this year.

The geese stayed on till the New Year, then promptly took to the sky.  Their calls echoed through the vacuous air which held no perceptible movement that day.  I too stood motionless, boots sinking into the earth with my eyes to the trees which communed in the hedgerow.  I wished to be like them, silent observers of time with roots firmly planted in the ground and fingers stretched to the sky, like a bridge between two realms.  A single star appeared in the evening blue, looked upon me and said "my dear you are as the trees, rooted in these few square miles."

So simple, so true, how had I been so blind to this Wisdom? In that brief yet eternal moment, the whisper soared above the birdsong.  The space of one breath contained generations of stories, mine was no different.  I have lived moments elsewhere, and written adventures which are wonderfully dear to me, yet what remains the most remarkable is all that has happened within these few square miles. This small measure of earth contains the fullness of a life well lived.  The joyful complexities and bittersweet moments of love compose this soft melody, filled with astonishing gifts of friendship and family, mentors and acquaintances and everyone in between.  This small life has witnessed great moments of growth, courage, trust, and faith.  What a beautiful forest of memory to walk through.  I am indeed like a tree, with my roots in this singular place.  It is here I have always been, and here I shall happily spend my finite days, quietly observing the infinite.    



January 11, 2023 by Erica Bapst

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