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Artists Make Life Beautiful

Today I want to give a shout out to all of the artists and makers out there.  So many artists you know and love, work their craft full time.  It is that commitment that really puts the soul into every piece they create, as well as the beating heart of every local community. 
As you may or may not know, most (if not all) the venues that keep these creatives in business have closed and events have been canceled some of which as far out as August.  That is a real detriment to the livelihoods of almost every artist I know.  Please, as you shop online for your gifts and other pick-me-ups, search out your favorite artists online (or if they are old school, give them a call).  Help keep the art and local small business vibrant.  It would be a beautiful thing for you to consider. 

If you would like some inspiration, here is a list of some of the wonderful artists in the greater Finger Lakes Region and Western New York. I am sure they would love to hear from you.   Some I have been friends with for years, some I have recently become acquainted with through art shows or social media. I have created a link to each artist so you can check out their work and get in touch.

Please know, if I accidentally left out your name, I mean no ill-will, there are just too many wonderful creatives in our wonderful community to list them all. I spent over 3 hours on this list...I had to move on and make some more jewelry 😂   

I don't know what I would do without this lady. She is the greatest friend anyone could ask for 💕

I'm sure many of you remember Hannah.  She was my rock for may years at Adorn.  She is super amazing and you need to check out her work.
April 17, 2020 by Erica Bapst
Blue Skies and Pampas Grass

Time Flies

I just realized today that it has been years since I updated my blog posts.  How did that happen? Time is a funny thing. Today I am going to start on a new adventure in blogging.  I’m going to try to do a little something daily.  I just want to add a spot of sunshine into the world wherever I can.  This blog page seems like the right format. 🌞 Today I wanted to share the snapshot of the impossibly blue sky that my daughter and I witnessed along with a little recount of our walk.  

First off - to those of you who are essential workers, I tip my hat to you.  Thank you for keeping us going. 

For me, working as a studio artist, being stuck at home is nothing out of the ordinary.  Yet somehow it can still feel a little suffocating at times.  To help beat back the blues, my daughter and I have taken to going for a nice long walk every day (weather permitting).  We live right in the heart of Canandaigua, so the typical scene is houses, sidewalks and pavement.  A couple of weeks ago however, we stumbled upon an oasis that was just a stones throw from home.   We were overjoyed.  I grew up on the edge of town, and still long for those days of having an endless backyard that fades into fields and woods.  I am a nature girl at heart. With our new find, we can sit and hear almost nothing but birds and the winds whistling through the trees. For a few moments we can forget everything around us and get lost in natures chorus.  We walk there ever couple of days and soak in the atmosphere that nature has created.  I'm in love with the biodiversity in that small patch of land.  I'm sure I will be sharing many more vignettes of this place in the coming weeks and months.  Especially as everything begins to spring to life and change throughout the seasons.  It is a little slice of heaven, hidden among the city streets.
With that sentiment, I wish you all a sense of peace.  May you all find your own little escape while we wait this thing out.  Sending virtual (((hugs))) to you all.



April 14, 2020 by Erica Bapst