With great joy, I would like to announce that I will be slowly returning to the art-show scene by attending two shows this Summer.  Details below.

Our journey in life always moves us forward and we never really "go back" to any version of ourselves.  If we did, that would mean we had not grown. This past year has taught me too much to jump right back to how things once were. As my creative energies wake up from the survival-mode-slumber, I am eager to see what blooms have been silently developing, ready to emerge and greet the sunshine. I have become energized while mapping out the Summer calendar and a meaningful ambition to create has returned - a feeling that had nearly washed away.  The heaviness of the past year is becoming atmospheric. It's vapors still linger all about, but the fog is slowly lifting from my thoughts. Squinting into the future, I can finally see a glimmer of hope on the horizon, ready to share my love and joy through my work in person with all of you again.

Now, this is the part of the blog post I have been writing and re-writing for nearly a month.  I generally try to live with the rule of thumb “never let them see you cry”.  Well, I’m not crying so-to-speak, but I have found myself at a bewildering crossroads of hopeful excitement and social anxiety.  Ultimately, I realized it would be worth the risk of recording these feelings, if sharing could help even one person to know they are not alone.  And so I will add “Don’t worry. Just take it slow. We've got this.” *high-five

The hope and excitement I feel as I am hidden away in the solitude of my home studio is in stark contrast to the apprehension I feel, knowing I need to slowly reintroduce myself into social settings.  I have always struggled in this regard, but over the years I had carved out some comfort in the matter.  Spending a year away from the world with the only face to face interaction being with my husband and daughter has only amplified my lack of confidence in group settings. The few short moments I have distantly met with friends and family in recent days, I find myself almost mute.  For months I have wished for nothing more than to share smiles and conversation, and now that the opportunity is in front of me, I freeze and my mind goes silent. 

So, as we begin to meet again, please bear with me as I work through these awkward moments.  I might be silent. I might nervously talk your ear off.  I might get overwhelmed and shed a few tears of joy. No matter how I react, please know that deep down, I am filled with nothing but love and gratitude for you and your support throughout my ever-evolving-creative-career.  It has been the privilege of a lifetime to serve everyone in a way that is so personally fulfilling. The understanding of what a rare gift that is, is not lost on me.  As many of you know, I am a hugger (to those who are accepting of them, I try to be respectful) I would love nothing more than to greet everyone with lots of hugs and smiles this Summer to share my thankfulness. However, I will need to refrain 'till healthier days are upon us as I will be continuing to keep a safe distance and mask. Trust me though, I really do miss everyone.

Sending you my warmest regards,



Downtown Canandaigua Art and Music Festival
Main St. Canandaigua
Friday, July 16th  12 pm – 7 pm 
Saturday, July 17th  10 am – 5 pm 
Sunday, July 18th  10 am – 5 pm


Elmira Handmade Market
Community Arts Elmira
413 Lake Street Elmira, NY, 14901
Saturday July 31st 10am-5pm


Carol Maue

Carol Maue said:

This is such joyful news! You are not alone – this existential year has been hard on everyone. And as you know, I love your jewelry!

Reggie Wharity

Reggie Wharity said:

We have missed your beautiful smile and lovely jewelry. We will see you this summer and know our “hug” is from the heart. Much love, Jay & Reggie

Hilary Batzel

Hilary Batzel said:

Girl, I am so much like you, I get it! Hugs to you sweet lady, you have such beautiful work to share with the world and I am excited for you. Know that you are certainly not alone in your feelings (all of them, I am right there with you!) I hope to see you this summer. I hope someday to be working beside you as a fellow artist again. It has been too long!

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