The Garden

Life has a funny way of taking you exactly where you need to go. Sometimes that means facing challenges you would never choose for yourself. 

For the better part of this year,  I have felt like there was a wall being built in my mind. Brick by brick each day it would grow a little larger, encircling all of the best parts of my inner self.  Gradually the height reached a level where I had to strain to get a peek at what once came so easily.  Finally, I was locked out completely, only to hear the joyful call of my creative energy, like birds frolicking in a secret garden, never to be fully experienced.

My words left me.  I could not convince my hands to embrace my well-loved tools or even open my ears to my favorite musical muses.  It was almost as if I was lost in a desert.  So I wandered.

While I was shut out of my lush creative world, I began to discover other wonders; some of which I have spent my life foolishly running from or not making time for, in pursuit of what I had always perceived to be greater things.  In this world that places such an emphasis on the constant hustle and monetization of every action and moment spent, we can easily lose sight of the true value in the less celebrated things in our contemporary lives.   In the quiet months that I spent out of the studio, and away from the business side of social media, I found a treasure in things I once denied.  I embraced this moment.

So it turns out that I had not been well (nothing major, and it's all fixed - so please no worries).  At my post-op checkup yesterday my doctor said "sometimes illness creeps in and you don’t realize just how bad you are feeling until you suddenly feel like yourself again." That was exactly it. 

The walls have come down and I can dig in my garden again.  This time however, I will enrich the fertile soil with the treasures I gained while I was wandering. I will keep these lessons at the core of my very grateful heart. 

I have a lot of catching up to do, I even missed the stores 17th anniversary!  So please bear with me as I dive into work again and offer you some lovelies just in time for the holiday season.  I hope to connect with you soon.  Thanks for being here.

Stay Safe & Be Well



November 17, 2021 by Erica Bapst

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