The beginnings of a new pearl and brass pendant by Erica Bapst

I'm not going to lie.  Today, I'm having to dip down really deep to be productive, both in staying disciplined enough to keep up with these daily writings as well as working on new jewelry pieces. 

Some days, the creativity feels like it abandons me. Poof, the well is dry.  I know it is only temporary, but when it happens, it is still kind of scary.  When you wake up, and that one thing you rely on about yourself seems no where to be found, it feels like all is lost.  It always returns after a few days of creative rest, giving my brain a chance to compile all of its thoughts again.  

So today, I will try to work a little on this piece that I had already planned out, and then put all of the work on hold over the weekend.  I'm going to sign off on the blog for the weekend too.  (Unless inspiration sparks) 

This weekend, may we all find the rest and inspiration we seek to reignite what brings us joy.

Sending Love and (((hugs)))

Be Well,





Valerie DeLeo

Valerie DeLeo said:

Thank you Erica! Be well!

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