Dandelion puff that I found on my walk.

Today was one of those days where it felt like everything I touched fell apart.  I spent the better part of the day working and re-working two different pieces of jewelry that I just could not for the life of me get to solder correctly.

That is the problem when I try to add delicate details to pieces.  Getting the heat to distribute enough while not melting the thin parts I often struggle with.  Well, today was a struggle day but I refused to give up. I stuck with it and prevailed.

One piece turned into a major “make it work moment”.  I thought I had finally soldered a ginkgo leaf stem to this very large setting and proceeded to set the amazing labradorite.  I just finished setting the stone and I slipped with a tool and totally ripped the leaf stem right off  !!!ARG!!!  ... (again, total clutz today, everywhere I went there seemed to be wreckage) What was I going to do!?! Once a stone is in place you cannot solder any more.  I had already spent two work days building this piece, I could not simply rip it apart to retrieve the stone.  So I decided to find a way to cold connect the piece. I love it even more than my original plan.  It was a happy accident for sure! 

I can’t wait to share the pendants I am finishing up right now.  I think you will love them. 

If you happen to be having a crazy day like me, I hope any accident you have turns out to be a happy one as well :) !

Stay safe, be well.

Sending (((hugs)))




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