Today we had a beautiful black cat as a visitor on our porch.

This afternoon we had a visitor.  It was the most beautiful black cat I have ever witnessed.  This mini panther is new to the neighborhood I guess because we have never crossed paths before.  The sweet baby wanted nothing more than to come inside and made a dart with me as I was trying to get into the house. :( It was tearing my heart out.

Penny (my dog) was going absolutely mad seeing that another creature dared enter HER front porch.  Also I am terribly allergic so an indoor visit could never happen, but oh boy, am I going to have to keep watch whenever we open the door now!  This black beauty stood at our front door, with paws stretch up towards the window, pleading with it's eyes to please come in.  ugh.. I so wanted to let it. Then just as quickly as it greeted us, it disappeared into the shadows.  It felt as if we had just had an encounter with a mythical beast.

There are quite a few neighborhood cats around here, but most of them really don't care too much about us.  We see them hunting around, but they never give us the time of day, so this was a bit of a surprise.  I really hope to see this visitor again.   I do love cats even though I can't pet them.  It is always nice to have a neighborhood cat hang around.  We get the company without the allergies :) 

I hope you find a pleasant surprise to brighten your day!

Sending (((hugs)))

Stay Safe, Be Well.



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