I am thrilled to announce my new collection “ Presence”

**** Edit **** thank you to all who participated in this collection!  I have taken down the link because most of it was comprised of one of a kind items and has since sold out! Thank you again!!!

This project has been in the making for several months, but ultimately it is the product of a year.  A year that has taught me more than any other.  The title of this new collection is the one word summation of my lessons.

Presence marks the importance of living for the simple moments in each day.  Presence is the spirit of those who have come before us, walk with us now and the see the gifts held in the future.  It is the embers of hope in our hearts capable of sparking love and peace wherever we go.  My greatest gift of the past year has been the presence shared with my daughter.  This year spent cloistered in the house with her has been the most beautiful moment of my life.  For the first time we were slowed down in a way that we began to really see and appreciate one another.  We have lifted and strengthened each other in ways I never thought possible.  I wanted to reflect that with some of the promotional photos for this collection.  She spent a great deal of time working with me to model the pieces and help bring this project full circle.

This collection however started out on the opposite note.  The initial inspiration was absence.  The first pieces were born from my longing to return to “normal” life.  My family used to spend a lot of time traveling to museums and galleries.  Just before the shutdown we had purchased our yearly reciprocal museum membership and had plans for many visits up and down the east coast. We have spent countless hours together wandering through displays of art and artifacts, and I greatly miss it.  This collection started out as an ode to the centuries of paintings,  the ancient antiquities and the grand halls that house it all.  That is why there is a heavy influence in this collection of “ancient glass” influenced pieces, the inclusion of painted canvases and lots of architectural elements. 

As I worked on the first pieces and sat in much thoughtful contemplation on the collection, I began to make a different connection. Instead, these pieces were actually about the presence of spirit rather than my selfish sense of loss. The world has gone through ups and downs far greater that anything we have in the the past year, and yet life prevails.  The beauty of artistic expression that remains is a testament to great faith, strength and perseverance even in the face of difficult times.  I realized that I was not creating pieces so much as to fill the absence of art in my life, but because of the amazing gifts right in front of me - the people that are closest to my heart, the spirit of love that moves through us, the unending muse of nature’s canvas that surrounds us at every turn, and this beautiful community that shows up with their presence even when we cannot meet in person.   

This year has shown me that when we are not so busy being distracted by the world and all of its flashy ways, we can see and appreciate the abundance already at hand.  To see and appreciate the connections that truly matter.  I am in no way tying to be insensitive to the unfathomable heartache, loss and struggle that has happened - much of which hits close to home.  Rather I am choosing to look at this time with immense gratitude, for out of the darkness shone a brilliant light and my heart wants nothing more than to reflect it.

So this is where I am at now.  Each of these pieces have been created with the intention of infinite love and light.  They tell their story through the muse of artifacts left behind from thousands of years of human existence.  With all the struggles and rejoicements, there remains a golden thread throughout history that we are just as much a part of today.  Let’s shine the light together. 

Stay Safe & Be Well

Sending my love to you all.




Dorothy Grant

Dorothy Grant said:

You are an amazing Woman. Talented, loving and generous.

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