A multitude of electric lines and cables crossing in every direction

I have not posted to the blog in a while.  Things just seem so heavy, complicated, and bigger than the musings I tend to produce.  It seemed unfitting to be authoring anything, when so many voices need to be heard.  I know you do not follow me for these types of conversations, and I will not make this blog about it.  However, please know that my message always has been, and will continue to be one of balance, respect, unity and peace.   I pledge to continue to do the work in my personal space to learn, grow and do/be better for my fellow humans. 

In the meantime, I cannot help others if the well I am drawing from is empty.   With that sentiment in mind,  I will be returning to the regular blog writings.  For me, it is a space to unwind the DNA of my creative process.  I enjoy sharing my lens on the world as it unfolds   As far as I can see, that is my singular reason for being here;  to try and find ways to uplift people through my observations of the beauty that surrounds us and reflect it through artistic creation.

 I have a propensity to hyper focus on quiet things that are often overlooked.  It is in those moments when I study the subtle change in the light and shadows of the day, that it feels as if time itself slows down.  It is my greatest joy to find the bounty of life in everything around me. I have immeasurable admiration and curiosity for the great creation and the systems that have bound all things together. 

I have come to the point of rambling.  There is so much on my mind these days, I cannot seem to organize my own thoughts.  My mind feels like the lines in this photo, going every which way, tangled in the trees and shooting off into sunset, trying desperately to grasp at the intangible.    So I will stop writing for now, and apologize for this muddled and markedly self-indulged post. 

Sending virtual (((hugs)))

Stay Safe and Be Well




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