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At the beginning of the year I set some big goals for myself (as I do every year).  I as I suspect is true with a lot of people, I rarely keep them.  This year, I. AM. DETERMINED.

Ok, Ok, yes I broke one of my resolutions right out of the gate.  I admit it.  My plan was to work with the materials I have already hoarded and not buy any more until absolutely necessary.  I have a problem.  I recognize that, but when it comes to beads, I just can't help myself! (So if you are a beader, stop in - There is a lot of new bead stock!)

However, on all other accounts I have been sticking quite well to my goals.  I realized at the end of last year that I was letting my focus drift away from the creative side of my life. Sometimes being a business owner you get caught in the updraft of many other callings.  As wonderful as they may be, they have distracted from the true draw of my business - my creative endeavors.  I decided to get through the Christmas season and then hunker down in the studio and open my mind again.  I needed to gain back that side of me before it withered away completely.  I needed to start taking the time in the evening to sketch again.  I decided in order to achieve happiness again within design I needed to start experimenting with different techniques.  Even if that meant throwing efficiency out the window with trial and error. It seems imperative to get back in the state of mind to create something new and exciting again.  In order to do all of this, I needed to invest in myself again, to narrow the focus a bit.  (I just noticed I used the word NEEDED four times in a row.  It is a strong feeling, the need to fulfill the creative desire.  To me it is almost like breathing, or some other element of survival).  I spent the majority of January getting those ducks in a row.  Boy, am I having a blast and I think it is starting to show in the new work I am beginning to produce.   Most importantly, even if no one else feels the same way about these pieces I am creating, I feel like I am breathing again.

So far I have been delving into the world of mixed media. Recently I have been highly influenced by different artists I have come across and follow on Instagram who weave beautiful earthy wall hangings.  It truly sparked a feeling and memory.  When I was studying at Syracuse I was fortunate enough to take many different fibers classes alongside my metalsmithing work.  Much of my portfolio actually consisted of experimenting with the marriage of metals and fibers.  I thought that might be a good place to jump back in with both feet.  Oh how I have missed it.  I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of something that I will enjoy exploring through the next few months.  

Here's to a continued new year filled with wonderful possibilities and creative endeavors.  Stop back often to check out the new creations or follow my daily journey on Instagram.     Below are some work in progress photos from my new adventure!  

See you soon!

xo ~E

Initial Sketches 

Next I needed to saw out the shapes from jewelers brass. This piece actually yielded three pendants.  Yippee!


It has been 14 years since I have worked on the loom.  So I had to pull deep from the memory banks.  Not only that, but I don't own a loom....sooo....where there is a will there is a way right? I decided to play MacGyver and make a mini one out of parts I had lying around. 

Not bad for a first attempt.  Wishing I had some more interesting fibers though.  Looks like I have a trip to Expressions in Needleart in my near future. :)

Finished Product.  I added some hand painted golden acrylic to tie the whole thing together.

Here is a detail.


While we are at it.  Here is the finished piece that was also in the sketch above :)

Both pieces are available online while they last!

February 06, 2015 by Erica Bapst

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