Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope that everyone had a chance to enjoy the holidays.  I would like to first like to thank everyone who visited the shop this season.  Your enduring support is a dream come true, and I am so very thankful to be living this dream of mine.  To continue celebrating my 10th anniversary of the store I was given a wonderful gift of the great mini documentary by a long time friend and her husband.  So a huge thank you goes to Kelly and Chris Short and his company Airdale Productions.  This is an amazing gift and I'm happy to be able to share it with everyone :) 
So here's to a New Year!  I'm ready to start it with some new exciting designs that I have been working through in my mind but have not had time to create over the holidays.  I'm chomping at the bit to get back in the studio! I just finished cleaning it up.  During the holidays it becomes more or less a place to store extra inventory and packaging.  I'm very happy to have it back in working order again.  Speaking of which, I need to wrap this blog entry up so that I can get started!  
So check back often both in person at the store as well as online.  I'm hoping to have some of them online in the next week or so.
See you soon!
XO, ~E 
January 02, 2015 by Erica Bapst

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