Spring has Sprung, celebrating with new window displays

If you are anything like me, you are itching for the weather to change; for the blue skies to emerge from behind the oppressive grey that seems ever-present in our lives this time of year.  I was fortunate enough to get away for a week in February, bask in some sun and gaze into the many colors of Sarasota FL.  Per usual, I was filled with inspiration and the desire to bring some of that warmth and color to the store windows in hopes to brighten the days of everyone in town.  

This year my particular influence was our visit to the Marie Selby Botanical Botanical Gardens.  Though we travel to Sarasota nearly every year, this was my first time witnessing the overwhelming beauty that is their conservatory.  It is the most lush experience.  Every square inch is cascading with orchids and bromeliads of every kind, unlike anything I have ever seen. We were also fortunate enough to visit during the Marc Chagall exhibit with paintings that have never before been on public display.  It was a very moving day, and I wanted to bring a piece of that memory home with me to share. 

Marie Selby Botanical gardens with marc chagall stained glass

 Waterfall of orchids at Marie Selby Botanical Gardenslarge leaf at Marie Selby Botanical Gardensamazing flower at Marie Selby Botanical Gardensorchids at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Now - how do I filter that experience into a window setting?  I knew I wanted to replicate the cascading and climbing effect that was so stirring inside the conservatory.  So the first thing I did was pour through the supplies I already had at the shop.  I am very big on creating something from almost nothing, as well as recycling props in inventive ways to conserve precious work time and material resources.  I found a bag of flowers that I had created from coffee filters and paperclips back in 2013.  I think I have now used these flowers in possibly 4 window displays.  :)  Every time they have an incredibly different feel.  I decided they have worked so well in the past, lets give them an update!

The only new piece for this window was the creation of the "botanical" leaves.  I really wanted to keep a very painterly feel for the entire display, so I decided to watercolor more coffee filters to accomplish a cohesive look.  *side note - if you every build window displays - coffee filters are so great!  they are durable, easy to color, easy to construct sculpted shapes with, don't seem to yellow in the sun (the flowers have easily spent a cumulative 6 - 8 months in the bright sunshine over the course of four years) and the best part, they cost basically nothing! 

adorn jewelry canandaigua spring display window detailadorn jewelry canandaigua spring 2017 display window left

I built the "vines" to create the "botanical wall" with those coffee filter flowers and leaves on a few lines of white Christmas lights.  Overall pretty simple, yet I think quite effective.  I love the feeling it evokes.  

adorn jewelry canandaigua display window right spring 2017adorn jewelry canandaigua display window night

Here is the contrast of the day vs. night.  The glow of the tiny lights through the leaves is magical in person.  I'm sorry my glare-ridden photos don't do it justice.  You will simply have to come and visit me so you can see it for yourself ;)

adorn jewelry canandaigua, spring 2017 display windows 

XOXO ~Erica

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