Small beginnings

The imperceptible seed

Humble and unsuspecting

Breaks forth when we weren’t looking.


Mighty and brilliant

The green contrasting

With the dark earth below

Stretching ever closer to the suns warm rays.


What will you become?

Sustenance for man

Or for other creatures of the earth

Tender leaves of life

Grace my garden path.


Hope you find a way to break ground today.  Whether it be conquering something as simple as that pile of laundry you have been ignoring 🙋🏻‍♀️ (Guilty) or taking it a step further and reach toward your own personal ray of light.  

Let’s find that little accomplishment together and make today a good day. Sending virtual (((hugs))).





Patricia Garrahan

Patricia Garrahan said:

I love your story about how resourceful your grandparents were. My parents came from that generation as well. They were great “savers and fixers” ~ things & life wasn’t disposable then!

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