Rainy day window, looking through the veil of the sheers in the livingroom

As much as I talk about longing for sunny days and blue skies, there is a certain relief that always washes over me on a rainy day.  I don’t know if it is the drowsy light that filters through the living room sheers, or the improvised rhythm of the water tapping on the roof of my studio (or in this morning’s case - hail)  Either way, it is almost as if the rain gives me permission to pause.  

I have this problem where I tend to never stop working.  Even when I am sitting on the couch watching something with the family, more often than not, I still have a project in my lap that I can work on from there.  Every now and again, the rain comes during a quiet time in the house, and I just sit and listen and let my mind wander.  For those brief moments I have given myself permission to just be. To be nourished by the moment, just as the rain does for the garden.  

As I finish these thoughts, the sun has peeked through the clouds, and a bird has begun to sing outside my window.  All of it is lovely.  All of it is welcome.  It takes one to appreciate the other.

Wishing you a peaceful moment today.
Be well.  Sending (((hugs)))




Sherry Kumar

Sherry Kumar said:

Thanks for the reminder. The clouds are here to slow us down, and the rain is here to nourish us. xoxo


Dorothy Grant

Dorothy Grant said:

Thank you Erica. It is wonderful to be reminded to just stop and be quite. I have a hard time doing that. The snow does that for me some times.

Linda C

Linda C said:

Erica ! You have such a wonderful voice when you write. ❤️. Thank you for sharing it.

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