The cuttings from my old indoor geraniums.

Sometimes I pretend we live in a fancy 1900’s house with a solarium on the side.  It is what I have dreamed of most of my life.  Well I have the old 1900’s house anyway So instead I have commandeered the dining room and turned it into my own make-shift version.  Yes, I am a bit of a crazy plant lady.   

I say this, but I have little to no actual knowledge about what I am doing.  I am no plant guru.  In fact, in all of the chaos during these past weeks, I almost killed my green babies.  Instead of escaping among their beautiful foliage, I was passing by each morning in a haze of schedule disruption.    Needless to say, they needed some attention.

Last week I started settling into the new normal of home school and studio work.  I finally woke out of the daze and put in a morning’s worth of work on my indoor garden.  I re-potted  plants, washed the leaves and reorganized the placements.  

I decided to trim back my trusty geraniums.  They had grown all leggy and one was almost 6 feet tall! I know they should be trimmed more often, but for five years straight, all three always had at least one flower blooming year round.  I never had the heart to cut the flowers off.  Well this was the day, it had to be done.  So here are my geranium clippings because I still did not have the heart to trash the beautiful leaves and flowers.  Maybe if I am lucky, one of the stems will take root just as my new schedule finally did.

I hope you find something good in your life to take root as well.

Sending virtual (((hugs)))

Stay Safe, Be Well.



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