Starry Night with Crescent Moon, Necklace with Blue Lapis, Dichroic Glass and Sterling Silver

$ 69.00

This fun little number was created out a sort of challenge to myself.  I was cleaning up my work bench and decided to create a piece only using extra elements found on the bench top.  Waste not want not right?  So I built the sterling silver pendant setting from cutoff shapes that were lying around, including a little snippet of bezel wire.  That was the biggest challenge (and bit of cheat to the rules I had given myself). I had to dig around beyond the bench top to find a stone that would accommodate that particular length of bezel wire to build a proper setting.  What I came up with was a little piece of blue and silver dichroic glass.  After soldering all of the parts together, I created a hand made chain with lapis and glass to finish it off.  It is an adjustable length of 16”-18”  I am super pleased with how this necklace came out.  It is always fun to give myself a challenge like that and to think outside of my typical design patterns.  

Jewelry designed and handmade by Erica Bapst in Canandaigua NY USA.

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