Small Ginkgo Earrings with Tendril in Sterling Silver

$ 39.00

Delicate earrings, hand built from sterling silver. Each pair may very slightly due to the nature of the hand made process.  This adds to the unique character of each pair of earrings.

Part of the Ginkgo Collection - Handmade inspirational jewelry created by Erica Bapst.  When you purchase these earrings, you will receive a card with the following: 

"The Ginkgo has existed for 250 million years, unwavering in its uniqueness and beauty. They naturally resist the negative and are survivors against all odds.  

May we recognize the gifts of strength, resilience and natural beauty that have been given to us."

Handmade by Erica Bapst for Adorn Jewelry and Accessories in Canandaigua NY US

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