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Ancient Glass Inspired, Infinity, brass pendant with labradorite

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I absolutely adore the look of ancient Roman glass. Whenever I see it in museums along with the dates, I am always astounded. There is sits like a thread through time, a constant reminder that humanity survives, no matter the struggles. The light continues to shine on.

This piece is paying tribute to those lovely artifact fragments. It has the look of ancient glass which I created by combining and sculpting polymer clay and adding gold leaf. I also hand built the antiqued brass setting which has been clear coated to protect the finish. The chain is made of glass beads lovingly hand wired into infinity links and paired together with labradorite. It is adjustable in length 16"-19".  My hope was to create a piece that looked as thought it could be an artifact discovered in a long forgotten place.

To read about my process and inspiration for the pieces in the “ Presence” collection, check out the blog post here.

Jewelry designed and handmade by Erica Bapst in Canandaigua NY USA. 


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