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Frosted Dichroic Glass and Sterling Silver Ring with Hidden Ginkgo

$ 56.00

Handmade sterling silver ring size 9.5 featuring a bezel set piece of frosted dichroic glass.  The inside if the ring features a cut out silhouette of a ginkgo leaf.  

The decorative portion of the ring measures about .75" across.

Part of the Ginkgo Collection - Handmade inspirational jewelry created by Erica Bapst. When you purchase these earrings, you will receive a card with the following: 

"The Ginkgo has existed for 250 million years, unwavering in its uniqueness and beauty. They naturally resist the negative and are survivors against all odds.  

May we be like the ginkgo and carry with us the strength, resilience and natural beauty that resides within."

Erica Bapst Designs

Proudly Handmade in Canandaigua NY USA